Welcome to Shay-J Entertainment, where our goal is to help you become part of our Media Entertainment Industry. We are here to help you kick start and establish your career with the right network!


Love Your Dream

We offer rehabilitation and life coaching to our clients and our partners through our ministry and our charity entities so they can love their dream. 


Live Your Dream  

We offer financial education as well as career building tools through our business and school entities in order for our clients to live, learn, and launch their dream.


Learn Your Dream 

We offer internships and apprenticeships through our music and film entities so that our clients can practice skills and their trade so they can easily walk into the career of their choosing and learn all the ends and outs to their dream.


Launch Your Dream 

We offer platform strategy and broadcasting through our club and platform entities so our clients can figure out the right platform to be on and to be broadcasted worldwide so they can launch their dream.


Shay-J Entertainment is a vision for visionaries and a dream for dreamers. We are an umbrella for multiple outlets of opportunity in the business, entertainment, and media industry. We have a pool of networks designed to invest in each other to get to the bigger picture of whatever the greater purpose is in all of our lives.

We understand that it takes people, steps, and time to achieve certain goals in life. We are an investment team investing in ourselves as well as others in our shoes, walking in our pathway, or standing in our door.

Networking & Protection

We network daily to find the right clients and partners for our company. We understand that living in a healthy environment is key to success. We provide services and programs of protection and shelter during your transition to making a new decision to live better.

Education & Investment

We provide education for our clients and partners in mostly our 3 main categories of Business, Music, and Film. We make sure members know what they want to do and make sure they learn to do it effectively. We invest in our members as they invest in themselves with our organization with time, skill, and money.

Launching & Promotion

The Shay-Jency promotes its partners up and launches its clients out. The reason for our existence is to make a better you so that we can all benefit from it. Once we back you and you succeed, you will help others to do the same allowing us to continue to grow and flourish.