Who We Are

Shay-J Entertainment was created in June of 2013 and has an outside-of-the-box concept to join with other companies and visionaries and help each other create a new entity of business to bring a new genre of music and film to America.

Shay-J Entertainment (SJE) is an umbrella enterprise for multiple outlets in the business, entertainment, and media industry. It is the”mother-ship” for a new movement and genre in the history of the USA for new upcoming visionaries. There will be Film Production companies, Radio Stations, Television Stations, Record companies, Fashion & Modeling Agencies, Performing Arts, Award Ceremony Centers, Social Media, Food Entertainment, Comedy Clubs, Real Estate Agencies, and much more branching out of this enterprise.

Why Us?

Have you heard of laundering money? Money laundering is the process of transforming the proceeds of crime into legitimate money or assets. Well here at Shay-J Entertainment, we are proud to “launder people’s lives” by using the company as a set up to lure our clients to us so that we can use the things they actually dream of doing and unite with others for a better way of living life. We change their “dirty” lives into clean, healthy, and legal lives.

We have a pool of networks designed to invest in each other to get to the bigger picture of whatever the greater purpose is in all of our lives. We understand it takes people, steps, and time to achieve certain goals in life. We are an investment team investing in ourselves as well as others in our shoes, walking in our pathway, or standing in our door. We use the entertainment in music and performing arts, film, and business both behind-the-scenes and front-of-the-scene as our main product of services to market our goal.

Help us, help you to help us, help you more!

We Take Care of the People in Charge!

Shay-J Entertainment is a place that specializes in taking care of the visionaries through its non-profit branch, The Shay-Jency. People who are the “bosses” have to take care of everything from bills to employees to products and much more. Who helps them, when they have to help everyone? We take care of the people who overall will be the reason why everything is successful. We put visionaries together at all stages so that they can all learn from each other and move in unity to create more than what was already there.