Shay-J Entertainment is a public-private organization that offers a great deal of education and internship opportunities. We offer a wonderful network full of people from numerous positions, locations, skills, and experiences imaginable.

There are two paths to join Shay-J Entertainment (client/partner).

Has a desire to learn how to be in front-of-the-scene or behind-the-scene in business, music, or film and you do not have what it takes to get there, you will become our client. (Read More)

We are always looking for partners that can collaborate with us by investing their time, skill and/or money to help push mutual visions along the way. Together we focus to create bigger solutions for those bigger problems of our mutual clients. (Read More)

To join Shay-J Entertainment, you will be required to complete the below steps.

  1. Application with non-refundable registration fee of $33.33
  2. Interviews
  3. Orientation and Assessments
  4. Selection of Membership Package (additional cost)

To get started, please fill out the application on the right.

How to Join

Please fill the form below and submit the payment.  One of our staff members will contact you within 48 hours of payment.