Shannon Jackson aka Shay of Akron, Ohio is Shay-J Entertainment. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, she is gifted to fulfill her passion; that is, through her vocals, dance, comedy, acting, business development, and executive producing her upcoming movies. She is a young mother of two boys and has dedicated herself to positive communication which she is bringing to the world through her concept, “message music.” She is using her talents and networks to create and manage a new movement in the charity, business, music, and film industry. She is a young mother of 2 young men with a foundation degree in broadcasting for television and radio. She has worked in healthcare for 3 major hospitals for over 14 years; 4 being in management. She has helped raise funds for charitable causes, help build businesses from the ground up as well as her own videography company and loves helping other people.

Shay’s passion led her to start an establishment where she can provide shelter, education, and promotion of life.  She uses the doors in the entertainment industry to allow others to fulfill their dreams and visions. Most people will not make it in the industry if you are not born into it or know someone that can get you through beneficial doors. So, she decided to help people who truly have vision and drive by offering them training and a team of leaders to help each client and opening doors they normally would not have access to through her connections.

Shay plans on affecting the people who are ready to change and move forward in life to remove the lie and see the truth. Most of the world today is brainwashed by what they see and hear in the media. The best way to communicate is through media. The mission is to unite everyone that can be united and teach them how to communicate with each other and not jump to conclusions or assumptions. The mission is to make awareness of the truth in a creative way. The vision is to see people get an understanding of why and how every good and evil thing happens and to be able to make the right choice by getting knowledge. The vision is also to see people create new lives and stop living beneath their privileges. Shannon is creating jobs for the poor to mold them into success stories who are determined to make it and make their dreams come true. She is creating the same opportunity for those who do not have the means to become successful and to share their success with others to give them a chance to do the same thing.