“A Networking, Educational, Rehabilitation Center on wheels!”

The Shay-Jency is a private organization created by visionary Shannon Jackson for what the general would call supporters or fans, we call Shayjents. The purpose of this business is to provide a vision for visionaries. Shayjents are uniquely handpicked, gifted people who work together to provide a vision for the other people. Most of them are love children (parents that were in true love when they conceived child) who were severely abused mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. Most of them, are the people who either nobody wants them, or they give up on them. The Shay-Jency is designed to shelter, educate, and promote back to the world all of its clients and partners with the proper tools to do so. This business is private and interested parties must obtain membership to receive any of the services that are provided from this organization. It is an investment company. Help us, help you, help us, helping you more, and then we repeat the cycle with the next in line.

The Shay-Jency is broken down into 3 parts. Living, Learning, and Launching. It will provide living arrangements for the homeless, or clients who do not have a healthy atmosphere to grow in. It will provide education geared toward the gift of the client. It will provide the client with the necessary tools to launch back out into the world wiser, stronger, and equipped to move to the next phase of life on their complete own after they complete their Shay-Jency experience. The Shay-Jency will launch its members, students, and instructors to their desired destiny.